Meet our 2017 Trainees

Thanks to the ACOPIA Joint Audition and ACOPIA Audition Support, many Kpop trainees have been born! 

Introducing future stars who are looking forward to their future success!

ACOPIA Joint Audition, February 2017:
Amane-chan (a Kiwi Media Group trainee) & Yumi-chan (a TS ENTERTAINMENT trainee)

She is currently studying at Korean Arts High School through ACOPIA. At the ACOPIA Joint Audition held in February 2017, Amane received a contract request from four companies. She is popular for her soft and sexy dancing!

Through ACOPIA, she studied at the Seoul Performing Arts High School, and while she was studying abroad, she received a trainee contract offer and signed it through ACOPIA.

Mako participated in the Kpop camp at the ACOPIA School in August 2016, and in February 2017, with audition support from ACOPIA, she finally passed as a JYP trainee!

In May 2017, she participated in the ACOPIA Kpop Camp. In August, she participated in the ACOPIA Star Project ★ Dream Team. At the ACOPIA Joint Audition, four companies requested a second round of screening, and among these, she signed a trainee contract with A100 Entertainment.

They were selected in the 2nd ACOPIA Global Joint Audition in Tokyo held on February 2018, and they went through a 2nd audition in Seoul. They are now trainees under KIWI Entertainment.

On February 25, 2018, Haruno was selected at the ACOPIA Kpop Global Audition held in Tokyo, and came to Seoul to take lessons at ACOPIA School to receive audition support. During that period, Haruno became a trainee at a Korean entertainment company, regardless of her relationship with ACOPIA. The name of the entertainment company is not open to the public.

Haruno was interviewed by a Korean newspaper and was introduced in a magazine (Hangyole 21) with the recommendation of ACOPIA. Read it here.

Maika is the first trainee of the ACOPIA Star. She participated in the ACOPIA Kpop camp at the end of 2017, and received offeres for student contracts from four companies at the ACOPIA Joint Audition in Seou, which was included in the camp schedule. She was also interviewed by TBS News in Japan. Maika became a trainee at ACOPIA Entertainment in order to become a trainee at the biggest entertainment companies and make her debut.