ACOPIA Entertainment Programs

ACOPIA Entertainment provides programs that is aimed towards the training and improvement of the participants in the fields of Kpop Dance and Music, Korean language, and Korean culture.  These include: Kpop Camps, ACOPIA School, ACOPIA Star Project.

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ACOPIA School is the backbone of ACOPIA's Kpop Camp and Star Project. Here, students and trainees are provided the necessary classes (dance, music, performing arts, language, culture) that they need in order to fulfill their training depending on what program they are under.

ACOPIA also provides support for international students who wish to study in the performing arts high schools in Seoul, Korea.

ACOPIA Kpop Camp

ACOPIA Kpop Camp is an event held all year long, with each camp lasting for 4 to 8 days. Different people from all over the world who wish to learn more about Kpop dance/music, Korean language, and Korean culture sign up to be part of this camp. 

Aside from this, ACOPIA provides Audition Support for their trainees who wish to train under Korea's big entertainment companies!


ACOPIA Star Project

 ACOPIA Star Project-Dream Team is a trainee system. It is a program where people who aspire to make their debut in the Kpop world apply. 

This is a program where trainees are given further dance and vocal training by instructors who teach Kpop idols and Korean language by the Korean teachers in ACOPIA School. The program also includes special classes for style and modeling. Aside from this, trainees are exposed by busking in Seoul's hotspots.