Meet our 2018 Trainees

New K-POP trainees have been born with the support of the 2018 ACOPIA Joint Audition and ACOPIA Audition Support!

Kai participated in the 3rd ACOPIA Global Audition in Kumamoto held in June 2018. He received a request from New Planet Entertainment, and successfully passed the secondary examination! At the time of the second screening, the ACOPIA Entertainment team was able to provide a transportation service from the Incheon International Airport to the lodging and support during the audition proper.

He became a trainee because his singing and his attitude towards the song. 

Mizuki participated in the Kpop Camp held in June 2018, and she was asked for a second screening at the ACOPIA Joint Audition held there! Mizuki was offered a contract by 2able Entertainent because of her wonderful dance moves.