DREAM TEAM: 1st Report (August 2017)

August 1-August 30, 2017 | Seven members participated in the first ACOPIA Star Project: Dream Team!

August 1-30, 2017

Seven members participated in the first ACOPIA Star Project: Dream Team!

First Meeting

The members are Yutsuki, Yumi, Sai, Uni, Izumi, Kaho, and Kataro.

 These seven people trained together for a month and worked hard as team!

Afternoon Dance Lessons

The teacher gave them a good idea of their standing and where they were supposed to show their dance during a a public performance!

In addition this this, the teacher has also taught new cover dances and rock dances. Training under various choreographers has been fulfilling because trainees have learned various kinds of dances.

Audition Day on Weekends

The trainees participated in the joint auditions sponsored by ACOPIA where 10 entertainment companies took part in!

Dance lesson in famous Studios

The trainees participated in hands-on lessons at world famous dance studios like the 1Million Dance Studio and the ALIVE Dance Studio. Famous choreographers, like Mary J Lee and many others, trained the trainees of ACOPIA Star Project: Dream Team.


Busking at the streets of Hongdae

Many groups perform Kpop dance and song covers on the streets of Hongdae. The DREAM TEAM also had a public performance as part of their training and their exposure to the public.

Performing as the DREAM TEAM

For their first performance, the Dream Team trainees danced together on stage as Korean trainees! Their second performance was held outdoors. They were happy to meet a lot of fellow trainees and new friends in the waiting room, and they were happy to see children dancing and imitating them while they were performing.


The seven trainees worked as hard as any Korean trainee. They entered a lot of lessons, events, street performances, auditions, and many more.

Thank you for working hard for a month! ACOPIA is looking forward to seeing on stage in Korea soon!

ACOPIA Star Project: Dream Team testimonies

“Every day, the lessons were packed tightly and I was very satisfied.In particular, I was very happy to be able to meet Korean trainees at the performance.We had a great time going to auditions and famous dance studios and it was a great experience.”
“I’m glad I was able to go to various places and experience life in Korea for a month. I enjoyed learning Kpop songs and dances, going to auditions, and being able to do things I don’t usually experience. On my days off, I was able to say goodbye to Hongdae. It was a very fulfilling month.”
“Every day was fulfilling. On weekdays, the lessons were included, so I was able to make use of them in the auditions– it was very helpful. I’m glad I was able to experience various things like performances and lessons in Korea.”