Star Project Trainee: MAIKA


Maika Kishimoto is the first trainee of ACOPIA Star Project. She participated in the ACOPIA Kpop camp at the end of 2017, and received proposals for student contracts from four offices at the "ACOPIA Joint Audition in Seoul", which is included in the camp schedule. She was also interviewed by TBS News in Japan. Maika became a trainee at ACOPIA Entertainment in order to become a trainee at one of Korea's biggest entertainment companies with the hopes of debuting.

Unlike other offices, ACOPIA Entertainment is not restricted. There is also a chance for performing on the amateur stage through studying and training. You can also audition freely at other major companies. ACOPIA is a platform for talented Japanese junior high and high school students with the dream of becoming Kpop idols.  

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March 2017 interview featuring maika